Zyrex Cruiser Wt4820 Driver 13 !FREE!

Zyrex Cruiser Wt4820 Driver 13 !FREE!

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Zyrex Cruiser Wt4820 Driver 13

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note: the current driver version is 13. this driver is provided “as is”. future updates will continue to be released. for latest news and releases, please refer to the zyxel website: version 13.0.1 this document describes the upgraded features in this release. for a full list of changes, please refer to the release notes: zdc120_cable_drivers_13_0_1_release_notes.pdf upgraded features zdc120 drivers now support (3) 12 vdc output ports and (3) 18 vdc output ports, allowing output to 12 vdc power supplies or 18 vdc power supplies. zdc120 drivers now support a 1.8 v power supply. the power supply output port has been changed from 1.0 v to 1.8 v. new features support for cisco catalyst ip phones with the zyxel cable. the driver now supports the most recent cisco ip phone models. the driver no longer displays “check for updates” messages in the system logs for this driver. changes from version 12.0 this driver no longer supports the cisco async usb cables with 2 crosstalk chips. this driver no longer supports the cisco async usb cables with 2 no cross talk chips. new driver versions are now supported. changes from version 11. changes from version 10. changes from version 9. changes from version 8. changes from version 7.
the brand new zyrex cruiser wt4820 comes with a new graphics engine that has a lot of improved features. the most prominent is the lack of a flatbed but it has several features that should keep the desktop user more than satisfied. the most noteworthy feature is the anti-glare lcd option. this is a huge improvement over the one in the wt3720. it uses a standard, off-the-shelf tft display that can be easily mounted in a monitor arm.