Mahabharata Book In Tamil Pdf ((BETTER)) 💠

Mahabharata Book In Tamil Pdf ((BETTER)) 💠


Mahabharata Book In Tamil Pdf

the mahabharata is full of violence and cruelty. people have to pass their lives in a different environment. if so, why do they keep reading the story? the answer to this question is the essence of all scriptures. it is to understand the human condition, the origin of evil and why humans keep creating evil again and again and its importance. by reading the mahabharata, we try to understand why humans have been behaving wickedly from the beginning of time. humans can never come to terms with the evil because it is within the soul of all humans. it is because of this reason that people continuously indulge in the wrong actions. the scriptures are like the sun which illuminates the dark worlds.

moral standards are also mixed up in the hindu texts. they tell us many stories of unrighteous kings, devious demonic characters, and even good people who have done wrong. we are faced with dilemmas when we are to decide between two things that are morally wrong. on the other hand, it also leaves us with no choice. we have to decide a situation of this kind irrespective of the fact that it is right or wrong. these types of situations have been dealt in other indian literature; but the mahabharata has used this theme to the maximum. it does all this and more. its beauties lies in how it is able to give us the answer to the hardest of problems. it succeeds in the end by giving us the answer to the problem.

the mahabharata is not only a matter of heroes, women, and warriors. it has in it subtle humor, wise observation, songs, and above all, morality. people live in an environment that is so complex, that they fail to realise the folly of their own acts and ultimately come to realise their own undoing. they fear to say that they are being deceived and yet they are unable to point out the wrong that is being done. the mahabharata narrates all this in a fascinating way. it makes each of us feel responsible, and even guilty for what we are saying or doing. he brings out the moral decay in us.

this book tells about how the mahabharata was inspired by the vedas, the puranas and the bhagavad gita. the mahabharata is a story of war, love and companionship. what made this one of the great religious and epic books is that, it offers answers to the great philosophical questions: “what is the purpose of life?, what is the meaning of death?, what does it mean to attain peace?”, in this book we will present the mahabharata as per indian understanding. not a single line of the mahabharata will be quoted without indicating the source.
this book also gives an insight into the life and the beliefs and practices of the people of ancient india. the conflict between the various factions of the forest life had a great impact on many aspects of ancient indian life. for example, the stories of good and evil, and the concept of dharma are of particular interest in this volume. the various types of war and battles that take place in this epic of the forest life is a big issue in this book.
the mahabharata is not a romanticized account of krishna and the gopikas as found in the bhagavata purana. the mahabharata is divided into twelve long (and, occasionally, longish) books called adi-parva. each one of these books can also be divided into several shorter books, called avadanas or alavadanas. krishna plays many roles in the mahabharata. he is adikavi, the wise person, adikshaya, the one who died and came back again, adithaya, the son of manu, the son of madhva and dushyasana, the commander of the kauravas. since the story of mahabharata is history, not mythology, we stick to krishna rather than to the many other personalities and places that the text mentions.