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Dying Is Your Latest Fashion Zip

francis “eddie” cole (born march 25, 1981) is an american musician who plays drums for escape the fate, where he is the drummer, co-lead vocalist, and co-songwriter. he grew up in havertown, pennsylvania, a suburb of philadelphia, before his family relocated to florida. eddie attended havertown high school. at the age of 19, he found work as a vocalist for an emo band named crayonz, and also served as the bassist for the band mercury. at this time he decided that he did not want to be in a band, and changed his name to francis cole. he started escape the fate in 2005, and has been performing since then. he went through a rather turbulent period in his life due to a gambling addiction, but eventually managed to get clean. in an interview with the radio station, “kisf.com”, francis revealed that he’s a recovering gambler, and that his birthday was the first day of the month that he quit. [50] it was on his 21st birthday that he quit gambling for good. the fallout of this trip to rehab would cause friction between himself and the voice of june, jamie king, who had stated that he would not miss a show in north america. in august 2006, eddie was quoted in the “virginian-pilot” newspaper as stating that escape the fate has recruited the help of a management company who is handling the promotion of the band. [43] eventually, the band parted ways with their manager and no longer needed his help. [44] additionally, cole said he and king are still good friends, and he hopes that they will someday do some music together again. [44] in the same interview, eddie also confirmed that he’s dating his wife, sarah, and the pair was expecting their first child.

the pursuit of happiness is an american rock and roll band, releasing their self-titled debut album in the us in 2005. the band features alex kuzma on drums and kristin von schleicher as the guitarist. benjamin bornstein plays bass in the band.
thought bonsai was a type of tree think again. the so-called small, but perfectly formed, bucket bag from la-based label simon miller has single-handedly shaken up the fashion scene of late, paving the way for an army of contemporary bag brands now redefining the it bag. so naturally we were dying to catch up with creative directors daniel corrigan and chelsea hansford to hear about the rise and rise of their laid-back aesthetic and (sighs) those bags
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escape the fate is an american post-hardcore band from las vegas, nevada formed in 2004. since forming, they have released several eps and three full-length studio albums. dying is your latest fashion was the band’s debut album and only album to feature vocalist ronnie radke. this war is ours , released on october 21, 2008, was the band’s first album with craig mabbitt as the new lead vocalist. their self-titled third studio album was released on november 2, 2010, and again featured mabbitt on vocals.



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