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more broadly, the results of a gaming 2017 survey of 6,000 video game players across the united states found that 52 percent of respondents who play games in the world were concerned about the state of the games industry today. the online survey of participants found that nearly half of the respondents feel a sense of unease when spending time in online environments and feel compelled to protect their interests in online games. this is based on the belief that most online games operate on a “pay what you want” basis and therefore a greater number of players feel that they lack control over their own game experience. 

the online survey of game players also found that gamers are interested in games with good character representation in everyday life as well as games that offer characters that reflect the ideals and values of a culture.

this round of funding is also part of our strategy to grow to the next level through the scale we have reached at wildlife.
we are extremely excited about the tremendous support from these new investors and the partnership with benchmark. they are innovative in how they will apply their diverse expertise and experiences to help us at all stages of our growth. divesh, micky, and ric will join our board of directors.
javier is joining as our vp of growth, a role that is new to us. we will be hiring immediately to continue building an incredible team. we will be expanding our game development team to localize a game for chinese markets. we also plan to be a market leader in the cross-promotion of games between spotify and spotify games.

quote 2:the wild life group is committed to creating a safe, fun, collaborative and inclusive work environment. wildlife is dedicated to developing and maintaining supportive and fair business relationships with our clients, vendors and competitors. our employees are our most valuable asset.
despite the recent positive news, layoffs of game studios are also common in brazil, perhaps because smaller game companies are usually more resilient. the overall jobs situation has improved over the past few years, in part due to the implementation of the brazilian governments financial support program, with the creation of the ilgtec (national institute of science and technology for technological innovation) and the bndes (national bank for economic and social development).
the wild life game is a narrative 4x strategy game that allows you to take control of one of four planets in the solar system. there is a heavy emphasis on research and development as you gradually improve your population and technology. the game features a simple slider control for determining your planet at the time of impact. the game allows the combination of combat, diplomacy, and colonization, and also includes a science tree that allows you to develop new research, gear, and buildings. the main gameplay is centered around a research tree. research consists of three technologies: combat, production, and industry. you can access the science tree by holding the research button. weapons are acquired by attacking enemies. as you progress, your special units (griots and demon slayer) will join your team, upgrading weapons and providing magical abilities.