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Webmoney Generator

WebMoney is a multi-currency and multi-platform payment method including online and mobile wallet services. Most commonly, WebMoney is used as an alternative to sending fiat money to pay online.

WebMoney is a payment method similar to PayPal and can be used for purchasing anything online or in mobile commerce and used in many other popular payment methods. Besides, WebMoney is an ideal method of electronic payments and includes a wide range of functions and services, such as: wallet service, instant fund transfers, merchant payments, fee-free payments, and direct and mobile payments.

WebMoney is a subsidiary of the Russian company System Polytechnic, which operates under the name INTERSHOP. Russian financial regulator focuses on the implementation of the rules and conditions for the activity of the payment system developer.

WebMoney is a payment system that is used for online payments and mobile commerce in more than 185 countries worldwide. This method is provided by the Russian company SYSTEM Polytechnic, and is a subsidiary of INTERSHOP.

WebMoney is a web based method that allows users to buy things online and pay for them just with WebMoney. The service also includes wallet capabilities, which make it possible to send WebMoney to others, receive funds.

WebMoney is a web based payment method used for online payments and mobile commerce in more than 185 countries. This method is offered by the Russian company System Polytechnic, and is a subsidiary of INTERSHOP.

The system offers the protection of money transfers between the banks and clients. Today, people often deal with the money in the most insecure ways. It is seen that no one wants to help the real money by the experience of having the risk in handling money. But, this is a very dangerous thing to do. This is because, it may lead the person a lot of stress and it can cause of huge problems as well. When ever one deals with the money, there must be some sort of guarantee. It should be the guarantee of safety that comes after the actual experience. The WebMoney is that one where a guarantee of security is given.
The money and payment orders are stored by the operator, except the data of the customer, which is stored by the WebMoney system. All payments are sent to the customer by a unique code, which the customer must enter when making a purchase. This code can be verified and checked by the customer or operator to make sure it is correct.
This system is reliable, as it’s completely owned and operated by the Internet and telecommunications industry. Users have control over their own data and money, even as WebMoney purchases transactions from their personal accounts.
Once a transaction takes place, a one-time, unique code, which is called the account number, is created. This unique code is the code for that particular transaction. This one time code is used by the receiver to verify the quality of the money. The main disadvantage of using webmoney is the process of obtaining the unique code that is created is a tedious one that requires a great deal of effort. The Webmoney is a very unique transaction that uses codes for verification.