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your ggp comment asserted that because netflix is available on linux, drm-encumbered content can be played on free operating systems, contrary to what rms said.

in my gp comment, i contend that the netflix client makes your operating system non-free, meaning that despite the existence of netflix, you still can’t play encumbered content of free oss.

and in your parent comment, you’re countering with.. what it’s not that rms is wrong, but he’s lying by omission.

and also, it would be a very expensive proposition for the record companies to sell content on a per-subscription basis, because it costs a lot to create the content, and you can’t sell it for less than it costs to create it. it’s already a cost for them to make the cd or dvd and to produce the digital file, and they won’t be giving the customer anything extra for the privilege of being able to subscribe.

here’s a thought. the record companies could be like the movie theater chains and sell a day pass to their music. if the pass were available on the web for free, that would go a long way towards supporting the idea of people wanting to access music online, whether legally or not. of course, this would have to be done in a way that the record companies could still control the music to prevent people from ripping it, but it would allow them to make more money off the music and make it more likely that they could actually sell content for more than the amount they are currently charging. but the major labels could probably already get by without it. they’d probably just go about it the same way they do with dvd’s — sell them at a higher price than the files are worth, since all they’d really be losing by this is their usual distribution channel, and not their revenue stream, if they were willing to accept that.

the talking books program began in 1991, and i began listening in the fall of 1992. this was long before the advent of, and the first free trial for many of us was through the u.s. department of health and human services. there was, however, a vast improvement in the quality of the digital files as well as the sound quality, and the number of programs grew to include a wide range of genres. books include fiction, nonfiction, politics, history, biography, reference, and more. some are complete collections of readings, and some are collections of a particular kind of material, such as series or collections of classic novels. there are also some classic programs, such as reader’s digest’s “best of the best.”
as more and more people jump on the web, the big corporate interests are going to have to face the fact that the web is where content is, and not where they want the content to be. they are going to have to stop expecting the web to be in their control. if you think that this is a threat to you, don’t you think that it is a threat to all who create or provide content for the web? if you think that the w3c is the bad guy, you are a bad guy. you want to censor the web. you want to control the web. you want to control content. you want to control information. you want to control ideas. you want to control people. you are a bad guy. p.s.: i am not a w3c member. i have never been a w3c member. i do not get any benefits from being a w3c member. i don’t pay any money for being a w3c member. i do not see why other people should be compelled to pay money for being w3c members. you should be free to be a w3c member or not be. i am just telling you what i think about what you do. posted may 6, 2013 21:40 utc (mon) by pilgrim (supporter, #55503) [ link ]