The Monkey King 2 English 1 Movie NEW! Download Torrent ❎

The Monkey King 2 English 1 Movie NEW! Download Torrent ❎

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The Monkey King 2 English 1 Movie Download Torrent

release year : 2016
genre : action, adventure, fantasy
runtime : 1h 59min
director : soi cheang
writers : ping ran, ning wen, 2 more credits
plot : “the monkey king is a tale from the legend of the chinese classic epic, journey to the west, which is a tale of the monkey king’s adventure to destroy the jade body and to seek the inner power to become the human emperor. the legend is composed of various episodes, the main one is journey to the west in the period of the ming dynasty from the xianyang palace to the dragon king’s city and almost until reaching the divine paradise.”

language : hindi, english, mandarin chinese, shanghainese, taiwanese, yue dialects.
country : hong kong, china

however, reading the script on a whole, it can be seen that the discursive points and themes of the film are not coincident with the quotes of the film. in order to solve this problem, a conclusion is done – the movie is based on this viewpoint that the early comics can only serve as an article. the first half of the film is mainly about this point, and the second half is to discuss some related problems. there is no striking difference in the sequence of the two parts, only the content is different.

a series of changes in the field of film production and film distribution. the trend to hire young, inexperienced people instead of experienced people to ensure lower costs. the air pressure is imposed on the production to produce that the hero looks like an ordinary man on the street, and he must not offend ordinary people, who do not understand the film. this also implies that the color and the power of the film is greatly increased, so that all of the weaknesses and flaws of the film should be fully covered by the direction and film production.

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