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Siemens Logo Eplan P8 Macrol ✊🏿

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Siemens Logo Eplan P8 Macrol

Simulation and test hardware setup in the EPLAN Electric P8 is extremely user-friendly. The use of block diagrams is advantageous and saves efforts. The TIA Portal Connection is used to import the flow of data, schematics, PLC overview, and I/O parameters for the respective process into EPLAN Electric P8. This data is written and read simultaneously. This allows electrical and automation engineering to interact as desired in the course of the project, and eliminates the need for data exchange and data transfer. For a project, individual data types from all parties can be combined to create a comprehensive project data set in EPLAN Electric P8. The intelligent collection of parameter data allows for an accurate depiction of the state of the corresponding devices. The EPLAN Electric P8 can easily monitor the process and generate a so-called project overview in the form of a schematic, which can be simulated in real time.

The TIA Portal Connection as a data carrier for the SPS400 and SPS500 is based on technology from the TIA Company. In the industrial sector it is already used for many years in the field of data exchange and value-added services. It offers the user an interface for data exchange via standard protocols like Profibus, Modbus, and Ethernet. Thanks to its modular and expandable structure, this interface can be used for almost any type of application and for almost any Siemens server that communicates via Modbus or Profibus. The TIA Portal Connection consists of an adapter, client software, and server software. This software is not just available to run on the dedicated server but also on regular personal computers. The TIA Portal Connection can be used for completely standard tasks such as event capture or block monitoring. Several vendor-specific additional functions or extensions can be added to the TIA Portal Connection and the company also offers service contracts for this case.

Customers, like ABB Group, are using EPLAN Electric P8 with a range of plans (production, P&M, M&R), All plans are designed to meet the customer’s specific needs. The benefits can be seen everywhere in the department, resulting in fewer errors and improved efficiency in process control and plant operation.
The EPLAN project is used in many different industries and in many different situations. But one thing is certain: the software will fit the requirements of each and every project. EPLAN Software & Service manages all the complexities of the application portfolio.
The resulting process quality is at the core of the success of your business. Design is a critical part of this success. The right tools are essential to ensure that all the work productively conducted with EPLAN. Product Management (PD) implements and implements innovative project planning and process optimization to enable your business to be successful in the new economy. Combining the innovative EPLAN project planning package with the PD toolset, EPLAN brings you the combination of the right mix of technology and know-how.
EPLAN brings the design and project planning process closer to the plant. Increased efficiency, improved accuracy and faster execution. The EPLAN project management solution offers you the benefits of a true real-time operating system for your company. With the integration of the EPLAN Electric P8 into your Siemens Step7 software with total design control, you and your Siemens engineering design team can simultaneously plan, design and construct projects that are ready to be commissioned. So whether you are working on a one-off job or a new-generation plant, EPLAN brings you the tools and software that allow you to be more efficient and effective.