Black Wolves Saga Bloody Nightmare Game 42 BETTER

Black Wolves Saga Bloody Nightmare Game 42 BETTER


Black Wolves Saga Bloody Nightmare Game 42

i enjoyed the route a lot and enjoyed the twins and wolves routes much more than i thought i would. i kind of wish it was longer, and the game was like that, but i still enjoy it nonetheless. even though it was just short and only focused on the twins, i still enjoyed it and i think it was a good representation of the game. i also noticed that the routes had more romance then i thought they would have. i could relate a lot to the story and i thought it was interesting to see how some of the characters acted throughout the story. the characters were all very enjoyable and i enjoyed them all a lot. even though the game focused more on the twins, i still enjoyed the other routes. i really enjoyed how the game played out and how the route division was done. i also enjoyed seeing arles in the twins route. i just think that the twins route was better. but all in all, i enjoyed it, and i hope to see more of it when the game comes out. i hope you enjoy it as well. ()

what i like about the game is how it showed the way the relationship between the wolves and the cats are like. also i like the fact that it showed how much they like to fight each other and the way they like to fight. also when it is all of them together, they are more violent and crazier than the cat route. also if you notice, fiona wants to live with the wolves more than she does with the cats. also, the cats are more emotional and have a lot of changes in their personality than the wolves. also the ending with rath and arles was very sad. but then again, the cats route wasn’t as sad. but yeah, i like how the game showed the relationship between the wolves and the cats. ()

Though the worldbuilding was amazing, and looking good too, the actual story should be the star. The plot was very good but nothing special. The game starts like any other typical story and in short, the entire world collapses because of the black rain that fell all over. The time which comes in between the events looks a bit bland. Weblin starts to fall apart, to the point that the town is evacuated. The wolves are against the humans because of the lies that they had received about them. I wish they had more interaction with each other. The romance scenes, while cute, aren’t especially convincing. You spend more time with your love interest in the casual route than the main route, which is a bit strange but understandable.
And so, as I said earlier, I’m back and I hope you’re ready! Last night, I was playing the other game, and I got a ton of enjoyment out of it! I went through a few tears, and a few jokes as I thought about the very thing that is the reason I play games: the characters. I can go on and on about Black Wolves Saga, but I’ll save that for another time. It’s very amazing and I can’t wait to go back and experience it again, but I’m afraid my excitement and time to talk about it will be taken away. So I’ll stop rambling.
The game overall is quite long, almost the length of BN, but somehow the content and story in the routes feel so irrelevant Im cramming everything into a single post. That includes the common route as it just feels like a lengthened version of Raths route. This review will be written with whatever I remember from Bloody Nightmare, so it might be more personal and has details from that game.


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