The Thinning: New World Order Movie In Italian Dubbed Download ((TOP)) 🖳

The Thinning: New World Order Movie In Italian Dubbed Download ((TOP)) 🖳

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The Thinning: New World Order Movie In Italian Dubbed Download

if youre sick, we can probably help you. we can provide you with medications and perhaps support you and your family as you recover. if youre looking for physical therapy, we might be able to help you. we wont be able to provide childcare or counseling services. if youre in jail, were probably not looking to heal you. youre too contagious. we cant help you with that.

anytime you hear the word community its easy to think of a bunch of your old high school friends and your wife coming over for dinner. perhaps you wish you could get rid of them, or at least make them leave. perhaps you would like to get rid of them and have the house to yourself all day to watch tv and read the newspaper while listening to music. but in a pandemic, the notion of community is a lot less comforting. instead of friends and family, youre seeing your neighbors and community leaders, your doctors, your nurses. its like a small town with a lot of social rules. if youre sick, you might be punished by the people around you, if youre able to work, you might be punished if youre not. community is important for all sorts of reasons. we organize it. we encourage it. we rely on it. but if youre going to be sick, its going to be a different sort of community. it is a community of doctors. a community of nurses. a community of patients. a community of people who want you to stay well.

the chinese are advising the 1.4 billion people in china and 31 other countries that remain immune from the disease to stay indoors on march 16 and 17. the same day, in new york, governor andrew cuomo, who has wielded enormous power to limit the spread of the coronavirus, issued an executive order that restricted the movement of people and goods. the measure would prohibit nonessential businesses from operating, regardless of whether they produce goods. chinese data indicates that these “shutdown” measures appear to be working. the virus has infected just 3.8% of people as of march 12, compared to around 14% in wuhan.

people should not let fear control their lives. fear changes people in ways that make them not themselves. one of the worst things to do is to not live in the present. for all the bad, there is good. if people can extend their present the world becomes a better place. covid-19 is a present from our god (the one who created us all). god loves us, and wishes that we be well. god wants us to live happy, productive, healthy lives. he wants us to be productive, but not the way we used to be. if we live in fear and neglect the present, if we live in the past or the future, we ignore the present. if we do so, we do not live in the present, we do not live as god created us to live. we live as we want to live. fear, loss, or insecurity changes us. our god wants us to live joyful and productive lives in the present. do your best, you might be the best you can be.
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