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rockworks comes in two different flavors, the gui and the command-line-based. the gui version is the gui-based rockworks, which is fully stand-alone, so you do not require having a back-end database installation to use it. the gui version is made up of three different parts, which include the data creation (see the following screenshot), the analysis part, and the report creation part.

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rockworksincludes a data entry/export/import tool. the export/import tool allows you to export data from the project database (if it is imported when creating a new project), as well as import data from an existing project database (if the project database is imported when creating a new project). this tool ensures that your project data is in the database file for safe storage and easy retrievals.

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rockworksis a fully built-in application, including an analytical engine for geological data handling and you can easily find the application for os x, windows, and linux/unix environments. the installation package of rockworksonly requires a license key, so do not need the full installation. using the project data, rockworksgenerates an optimized view of the reservoir which can be the primary view to be generated for production-related calculations. because of this, rockworksis more suitable for displaying reservoir information for exploration purposes.

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