Nemeth As355 Torrent

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Nemeth As355 Torrent

I have tested a variety of memory packs for the Squirrel and found that the 4G and AV’s work very well. The problem is that the AV packs have to be in the second slot as the hangars have to be empty in order for it to operate. Having said that, AV could take the first slot if it was in another folder. As for the 4G, I have tested it with the 4G AA, 4G 8G and the original 4G Memory packs. All of them worked well. The sim is extremely demanding on the PC and could cause problems with overheating if you dont have a top of the range PC. It runs fine on my PC with a dual core processor and a Geforce 6900. The graphics are detailed but after youre in the groove, you dont notice them. There is a slight pause after you go into cruise which seems to be about an extra second in traffic. Once youre in the cruise though, its very comfortable to fly. You dont need to hold forward pressure on the stick to keep it going. For those of us who dont have fancy helicopter controls for simming, this is perfect. Its still very sensitive so holding height and speed requires attention but it almost flies along by itself. I think it moves around far too much in the bumps. One of the fantastic things about the Squirrel is how stable it is in turbulence. If you hit turbulence in Nemeths version you just about swap ends!

One of the main problems with the initial release, I believe was a result of using Max 9. The sound units are textured and they are very small. I guess they were using it because it was a freebie. As I have said, they have changed that quite dramatically. I thought I was going to have to open up the textures in Max but Nemeth have made them much better.

The Quadrant is an area that I would like Nemeth to do better. The first thing that i notice is that the duck pin is inconsistent. I would have expected a much smoother oscillation on the quadrant. I would also expect a bit of dampening to it so that I dont have to hold the quadrant down as the helicopter moves around. Interestingly, on one bird the quadrant has a vacuum release so that you dont get a water tight seal. It also gives the pilot access to the flight controls and the compass. This is a very good feature. A ball joint would be the ideal one for this purpose. The next thing to look at is the landing gear. The main landing gear is actually two push rods joined together with a link. I suspect that this is because the main gear is only there to protect the rotor from damage. It also looks a lot like the main gear on the B1 and I suspect the same cable pull and connection points. I would have expected the gear to be much softer to have less damage on landing. I expect that the pedals and links are too stiff and this will create loads as they pull away. This might be addressed in the future.
Another area that I would have expected Nemeth to improve was the quality of the rotor brake. Unfortunately, I see a lot of potential issues there. The rotor brake needs to be able to be fully engaged with the rotor brake flying off so that you dont get an aileron bar and gear drag. The reason that a lot of rotor brakes fail in real life is that it can no longer be engaged. This causes the engine to stall when the rotor brake is applied. If the helicopter starts up next to a building, this is a real pain. I would have expected the brake to have the ability to be fully engaged in the simulation.


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