Driver Webcam Asus F3j !NEW! 🔴

Driver Webcam Asus F3j !NEW! 🔴


Driver Webcam Asus F3j

i just purchased a toshiba laptop 2 weeks ago and it came with vista on it. i just downloaded the driver and everything is fine until i tried to enable the laptop webcam. the webcam will not work. i have looked at the forum here on newegg and it says i need to download a special driver. i did that and it does not work. i have been working on this for a week now and no luck. the laptop is a 12″ toshiba laptop and it has a amd fire gl v 5200 graphics chip. if any one can help that would be great.

i have a lenovo x1 carbon that works fine with the same exact video card and settings. i’ve tried installing updates from the store and the terminal. it’s not the updates or drivers because it’s happened after i do updates and it’s also happened when i’ve installed the latest drivers directly from the vendor.

i did a clean install of windows 10 on this laptop using the recovery partition and everything is working as expected. i had to install a few drivers, most of which were provided by lenovo, but i don’t know if any of them had anything to do with this issue.

greetings from germany,
i installed the newest drivers, but the following problems remain:

1) while playing videos at full hd, there are bright lines in the video. also the video becomes rather dark. i think i need to change the options for the screen resolution, but i have no idea what to do. i am using the newest drivers.
2) while playing videos at half hd, there are bright lines in the video.
3) the volume is very low. i cannot even hear the sound, when someone talks to me.
4) there is no webcam option. can someone help me?
thanks a lot for your help. mark

usb webcam: works with the default driver hdmi webcam: works with nvidia driver (with custom settings in xorg.conf) hdmi webcam: doesn’t work with nvidia driver hdmi webcam: works with the default driver (but it doesn’t look very nice) hdmi webcam: doesn’t work with the default driver (no error messages)
i have a problem with my webcam, it is working perfectly in other computers. i have two laptops with the same problem, but they have different webcams: one with a logitech webcam, the other with an asus webcam. the problem is that sometimes the asus webcam works perfectly, but sometimes it doesn’t, the images are black. i have been searching for a solution on the internet, but i have not found a solution yet. i use ubuntu 11.04. if someone can help me i would be very grateful.
i am trying to install the newest drivers for my logitech webcam to no avail. i have tried installing the newest drivers provided by logitech as well as compiling the drivers. in the end, i cannot make the webcam work at all.
i have a asus f3j laptop with an integrated web cam that works fine in windows 7. however, when i installed ubuntu 11.04, it doesn’t work. i tried all of the help guides available online, but none of them worked.
i just bought an asus f3j laptop yesterday. i have an intel i7-3770, an nvidia geforce gtx 750ti, and asus f3j asus f3j. i am having a very hard time to get the wireless card to work. the wireless card is recognized, but the connection is unstable. it gets connected sometimes, but when i restart the system, it does not work anymore. i do not know what to do anymore. i have searched the internet for drivers, but i cannot find any driver compatible with my laptop. i’m using ubuntu 15.10. what should i do? thanks in advance. ivan


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