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Catalog Design Studio 1.5 Full 13

theres no question that the pandemic of 2019 has pushed health and wellness design into our lives. but can wellness and tech-assisted design be incorporated into every project? yes. to get there, its first required to recognize that design programs exist across the spectrum of building types and scales. hear from charles weidner, principal, element architecture.

the pandemic took a toll on everyone, even those who arent in the office. with all the time we spend on the phone and using video conferencing, its easy to feel isolated at work. and while your remote workers are likely doing great, theyre still working within a pandemic environment, so its important to provide the tools they need to succeed. hear from brianna romero, associate, studios architecture, how to plan for and design in a remote environment.

cities across the world are recovering from the pandemic, but its possible for them to recover in their own unique ways. to understand how that will play out, look at cities that are trying to be the leaders in social and economic resilience. hear from joe murphy, senior director, national design center and university of washington school of architecture and planning, how to use these examples to learn from and succeed in this new normal.

designing for beauty and function
10. the demand for more sustainable materials: with a wave of environmentally friendly construction underway, it seems everyone is on a quest for green materials. sustainable materials include wood, which can be used for furniture and floors, natural stone, which lends a natural look, low-voc paints, adhesives and finishes that are better for the environment, and fabric and carpeting, which can be recycled. listen to conversations about the growing demand for sustainable materials and learn how they can be used in your next project.

readers of design your life know that one of the keys to entrepreneurial success is purpose. in fact, she says, it is the very reason why she became an entrepreneur. in this presentation, she will give practical ways to ensure the life you have envisioned is one you can live and be the best you that you can be.
hear from sean short, vice president of brand and strategy at smith-corona, to learn how brands can continue to innovate and push boundaries while embracing and enhancing the culture of each business. sean will share a number of best practices to apply and expand on, including how to use employee-centered design to create not only superior products but also a better workplace. the presentation will be recorded for viewing at the aia website.
award-winning architect, designer, and educator shashi caan will explore how design and entrepreneurship can be combined into a successful career by facilitating conversations about design, innovation, and technology.
and, of course, there is the development of highly efficient apartment buildings. case in point: in the middle of a pandemic, the redding, californiabased firm leed green won leed gold certification for its recently completed, 53-unit apartment building with a green design. the building is expected to be completed in may and have zero parking.
the pandemic changed the way the design industry operates, says exley. its forced us to rethink how we are making design decisions and influence local government decisions. its not a typical industry now, says exley. its a whole new world. now we have to become more political. and, exley says, we have to make sure that our industry is as inclusive as possible.


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