Video Strip Poker Supreme Opponents Pack Free Download Full Version High Quality

Video Strip Poker Supreme Opponents Pack Free Download Full Version High Quality

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Video Strip Poker Supreme Opponents Pack Free Download Full Version

torquemada games has released a playable demo for video strip poker supreme pack 10, allowing you to try out the next opponents pack which offers more sexy opponents to play strip poker against you: find out what the duo of supersexy blondes – dawn and wendy – can offer you! you can learn much more about these beautiful opponents – check their charms on video materials and take a look at subtle photos, just visit they can show you much, much more – that’s why you should take interest in these pretties, having a great time together. all the girls are teasing, make hot gestures, bluff, laugh or get angry depending on the deal result. you can also ask a girl to show you more than you actually won or offer her a drink to make playing with her easier. every single game is different. all this in uncompromising picture quality: big, sharp, dvd quality widescreen video. the game is available in many languages: english, czech, dutch, french, german, italian, polish, portuguese, russian and spanish.

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the graphics in the game are very nice. you can zoom in to get a closer look at the scene. there are no loading times when zooming. you can also spin around the scene with all the girls to check out the view from all angles. the girls move around the screen, walk around, or sit on the couch or toilet. all the movements are very smooth. the girls look great and you can zoom in on them if you like. the background music is also very nice, you can download a small file of it here if you like. the backgrounds look very nice and you get a feeling that you are actually at home with friends playing strip poker at a parties. there is no menu and the only control is the pause button. you can pause the game at any time.
download your sample video from the game here. while you are downloading, you can watch a video from the game here. there is no need to download the main game. it’s a sample video to show you how cool the girls are. the website also has some of the sample videos from the game.
the girls react nicely to the cards you dealt. the girls can do a lot to help you win the game, or they can fool you. of course you can look at their card, but they can also show them to you. if your hand is bad, they might flirt with you. if you show them your hand before the deal, they might offer advice. if they already have a good hand, they might suggest an alternative hand. the cards are shuffled, and the girls deal out the cards to you. then you do the same for them. you look at the cards for the next 10 seconds. if you want to show your cards, you can. you can also ask the girls to show you their cards. then you look at the cards for another 10 seconds. and again you can look at their cards. and again you can look at the cards and comment on them. then you look at the cards again. you also have the option to look at the sexiest girl. she will do what you ask her to do, or she can refuse. if you suggest the girls show their cards, you can see what they have. you can also look at them to see how good you did. however, you can see the cards they have for free any time. you can check if they have any of the special cards on the list.


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