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Surfer 11 Free Download \/\/TOP\\\\

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Surfer 11 Free Download

i was originally drawn to the silver surfer #11 story by the amazing art of jee-hoon han. he was just a little guy back then, and his style was very cartoonish, but since then hes evolved into something i really admire. its like hes mastered the art of drawing his own distinctive version of the silver surfer, a wonderfully unique and individual character with a flair for the unexpected and a love for the beautiful. his eyes, mouth, and skin are all so expressive and his line work is incredible. i remember first seeing this issue of silver surfer and thinking im not sure i can live without seeing more of jee-hoon han and his art. its become a bit of a personal goal to somehow do that, and it might happen. but regardless of how it all turns out, i hope you all enjoy it!

and here is a little video i did while im on the phone with him today. its a quick summary of how the story of this issue came together. if you want to know any details that i dont mention or address, drop me a line or give me a ring and ill tell you!

the first issue of silver surfer is, in my opinion, one of the best beginning issues of any marvel comic book. theres a sense of mystery, of intrigue, of character, of strong storytelling that is immediately apparent in this issue, and it comes through even more in the first chapter of part two.

dawns backstory was a big part of the first chapter, but when norrin discovers that someone on the planet is in the same situation he was, he rushes to their rescue. when he discovers that the being is theincamate, a teenage girl who has had her entire world and entire civilization consumed by the surfer, he is absolutely horrified. he tries to convince her to leave before the surfer returns, but shes too far gone, and shes afraid that he wont be able to save her, but its clear that he will. norrins story is a little more complicated, however. he has already been a surfer for some time, and as such, it is imperative that he keep his agreement with galactus, who could very easily consume him and dawn in the process. but dawn tells him that shes pregnant, and that shes having his child. and so, norrins agreement with galactus is given a very different reason. he will keep dawn and their child safe, but he will also use his powers to give her life, and when she dies, he will take her place as the silver surfer, and do what he can to save others.

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