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i paused for a moment and just sort of hung there for what seemed like eternity. then, with a calmness that can only come from the spirit world, i shuffled back up the scree. i reached the point where i had slipped off the wall. i continued up the trail for another hundred yards or so. but, as i remember it, i was finally able to see my partner up high. there were a lot of scared ashy faces looking down on me. everyone was so concerned for my safety they did not even stop to ask what i had found.

although i spent much of the afternoon climbing the old third ascent, i realize now i have some unfinished business over there. so, it seemed only fair that i climb it again. yesterday, mark and i returned to applebee dome and rechecked the first pitch. our earlier doubts now seemed as silly as the notion of packing a rope. this was a sunshine day!

it was a completely different experience. the route was now exhilarating. in fact, quite a lot of the old climbing was gone, having been effectively replaced by new pitches. we worked much faster than the first time and my guts had not suffered at all. in other words, there was no going back.

nothing beats a nice piece of bacon. now that’s true.
i confess. i like to make my own bacon. no, i don’t like charring up (well, not as much as i did when we first moved to this house), cooked slowly in the oven. not that i’m not in favor of roasting, but i’m partial to cooking up to the point where it needs to be slowly pulled, and in this case..
i want a crisp, golden bacon. my technique has evolved over the years, but i can’t help but think that if i could find just one thing that i’d appreciate more than the first time i had a smoked sausage, i’d know it.
so, i hit on a nice version of my own. i think the cast iron pan, while never being used for anything else, is perfect. i use it almost exclusively for bacon, and have found that the bacon can be cooked a little more evenly, and cooked almost to the desired degree of crisp, if the pan is placed on a wire rack, and left there for a good 20 minutes to the bacon. they’re never hard, but at this point i just can’t take the chance that one might be. the smoker we used for the hams was marvelous. i was also pleased with it’s performance on chicken. i couldn’t resist posting this picture, because i think it says everything.

following on from that, we have super mario sunshine. this game is not only probably the weakest game in the top 5, but it also has to be one of the most bizarre games in the top 5. it was such a silly game, and it only appears to have gained any popularity with the recent release of a remaster, it has to be ranked somewhere fairly low. however, it also has to be ranked very high, as this is probably one of the most well-loved games ever made. but for me, it’s just too weird to be up there. it’s easy to forget that this was a very peculiar game that did not have a strong story, and it was just about a man jumping about on the beach, and i don’t know, it just didn’t do it for me.
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