Summer Memories 1 Video At Enature Net

Summer Memories 1 Video At Enature Net

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Summer Memories 1 Video At Enature Net

gitti is telling an anecdote about her mother (whom she had recently encouraged to begin gardening herself), while awkwardly explaining that she and her husband are not actually taking advantage of a recent sudden change in tax laws, nor are they actually inviting their grown children to join them for the holiday.

bernd and ilse are already gathering their extended family around a picnic table as they head to the various summer lodgings on the property, which still belong to the family as a whole, and share the space with ever more closely connected cousins, nephews and nieces, and their children, all of whom have assumed some role as host.

the summer vacation presents the occasion for all the family to help with various chores and activities. but along with the shared communion comes unease about who is doing the most work. perhaps the oldest one is ilse, who in turn takes out her resentment against bernd on her nieces’ parents, turning her thoughts against society’s entire order of things when she imagines the new adults going out to dinner with business partners while the children—most of whom have already been working for years—are left to muck out the chicken coop for their father while the young adults actually make use of that privilege.

the party has been going on for an extended period of time, so much so that it is now time for dinner. bernd again gets in trouble for ordering the older kids to their stations, and ilse is not particularly pleased when she discovers that her nieces’ future husbands have completed their chores early, leaving them free to be rowdy and noisy while she finishes up. their siblings are used to this; it is expected and accepted that such things happen when families get together, but they’re genuinely surprised that the older members of ilse’s family think they have some responsibility to change their behavior.

8/21-8/28* independence day bardstown 8/21-8/27* garden show & festival bardstown 8/22-8/28* middletown summer arts festival middletown 8/22-8/25* old market festival bardstown 8/23-8/27* bardstown wine festival bardstown 8/23-8/27* hope buffalo arts festival buffalo
6/4-6/10* 6th annual grand opening speedway kentucky speedway6/4-6/10* 6th annual snowflake stroll owensboro6/4-6/10* 6th annual great lakes run ky river run6/4-6/10* 6th annual y’all come over to my house bbq cook-off ostrander6/4-6/10* 6th annual thomasville arts trail show thomasville6/4-6/10* 6th annual ugly sweater rush covington6/4-6/10* 6th annual jonesboro farmers’ market jonesboro6/4-6/10* 6th annual long and high summer fun festival covington6/4-6/10* 6th annual gordonville mardi gras kick-off gordonville6/4-6/10* 6th annual francis i. abercrombie freedom day celebration leitchfield6/4-6/10* 6th annual canton relay for life relay for life6/4-6/10* 6th annual reunion on the river lexington6/4-6/10* 6th annual old rope & blue grass festival lebanon6/4-6/10* 6th annual north liberty fall arts faire north liberty6/4-6/10* 6th annual johnson county santa’s helping santa liberty6/4-6/10* 6th annual st. charles car show st. charles6/4-6/10* 6th annual st. paul parish picnic columbus6/4-6/10* 6th annual oak grove fall festival oak grove6/4-6/10* 6th annual precious moments festival philadelphia6/4-6/10* 6th annual pendergrass picnic pendergrass6/4-6/10* 6th annual st. joseph picnic louisville6/4-6/10* 6th annual ingleside celebration louisville6/4-6/10* 6th annual lulu & louville convention louisville6/4-6/10* 6th annual bullitt blast bowling green6/4-6/10* 6th annual danville summer fest danville6/4-6/10* 6th annual st. matthew school picnic louisville6/4-6/10* 6th annual st. louis summer fest st. louis6/4-6/10* 6th annual mountain empire midsummer fest lexington6/4-6/10* mc st. edward picnic jeffersontown 6/8-6/10* saint edward picnic jeffersontown 6/8-6/10* jail drop old.


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