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Stalker Call Of Pripyat Patch 1.6.02 English 41

monolith is a rather anarchistic faction with a strong military background, making them slightly anti-intellectual. they embrace technological advancement and the things that are of great value in the real world. they also believe that any or all of the factions out there are basically equivalent to one another and that some form of order can be established in the wasteland, simply by means of an all-powerful central authority that will rule over them. even after monolith’s increasing domination over the wasteland, these ideas continue to linger on. for example, most of the faction’s stalker hardware has been upgraded. they still believe that their monolith suits with their armors and weapons are the best in existence.

when calling in a request for help on live radio, monolith soldiers will often respond with a drawing of a gear wheel. the faction also has a chiptune song called “beep” with vocals by members of the monolith hardware team who ask to use their gear rather than the spartan garrison’s, no matter the hardware and with the chiptune’s lyrics being mirrored by the official fallout: new vegas art.

the faction’s overall goal is to protect the monolith from the wasteland’s majority in order to keep the monolith safe, through an unwritten code of conduct enforced by monolith’s technicians known as “higher ground” as well as the “loyalist” brotherhood, acting through its stalker network and their underground headquarters in chernobyl.

the answer to that question changes constantly depending on if the player’s actions are good or bad. the stalker faction you start off with will always make it difficult for you to be successful, this is largely due to how poorly trained they are and for how hard it is to control them, although the player can still do well if they aim to do good but still get in touch with the rebels. you can also sometimes find monolith soldiers in abandoned, abandoned buildings, including inside the chernobyl npp.

you can now customize your lobby to yout liking and have more control over your multiplayer games. a new “settings” option allows you to change lots of settings, like the font size, audio/visual effects, the mouse sensitivity, etc. you can now also create maps for your multiplayer games, instead of depending on a full and patched dedicated server.
the network code has been completely redone, and it works a lot better. it has greatly improved support for more network cards, plus a variety of small fixes and improvements. you can even have to-player chat (so you can talk to your friends who are online) and my own notes.
some houses and objects now have a dynamic weather that changes the look of the world. there are also some new static weather effects, like the snow, sand storms and rain. back in vanilla, these effects would be highly unrealistic and never change.
the “mine” radioactivity monster now drops a good amount of money. (an old request). the “mine” radioactivity monster now only spawns and moves on infestation levels 9+ (in vanilla, it spawned on levels 4+, and rarely moved after that).
in the next mission, the player must retrieve two missing researchers, kazbek and viola. tracking them down in lab x-11 requires traveling through the red forest in which the players’ every step is monitored by monoliths (including the one the player discovers when they try to remove the incendiary thread taped to their back). once the player reaches the heart of the forest, they encounter the combat variant of the toxin spitter: the toxin hunter. it’s the first encounter with the monolith hunters, the elite of monolith’s most lethal soldiers, and must be dealt with decisively to ensure the player can proceed. once the hunter is dealt with, the player enters the forests of oblivion.


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