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Is a dll(com) loaded into main process is referred to just once

I know that COM loaded assemblies are referred to just once in process like this :

when I want to refer to that, it gives me exception of initialization
Did I miss anything?


You’re not “referring to that”. You’re obtaining it as one of the parameters to the CreateInstance method.
In most COM objects, a concrete implementation of the interface is usually provided by the DLL, which is loaded dynamically at run time. But some methods on the interface, such as CreateInstance, will return an object of the interface type itself, rather than of the concrete implementation. This is the case in the example you’ve provided:
IMyInterface^ my =…;

// Return directly a reference to the interface type.

is equivalent to:
// Get a reference to the concrete implementation
// (in this case, it’s the same as the one loaded into the main process).
IMyInterface^ my =…;

// Implemented interface method:
// Do something.

COM is just a language based on messages, and uses the concept of interfaces, and typically implementations of those interfaces are provided in separate DLLs.






What is `my $name` and `my @names`?

I saw a practice question in one test:
my @names = ();
my $name = “Bob”;