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I am able to download the program, open it and click the Encrypt button and it does not. I downloaded and installed 4.2 and 4.3 versions and it does not work for me.. My computer has the Windows 7 64-bit version.. I am using ISO explorer to open the ISO of the recent build of Tux 4.3.1 and I am seeing a folder called Service that.
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2. Description of the Prior Art
A turbine engine is an axial type engine in which a turbine shaft is disposed substantially coaxially with a compressor shaft. A rotating blade is mounted to the periphery of the turbine shaft, and this rotating blade sucks a combustion gas from an air compressor and drives a turbine rotor which rotates at high speed, thereby generating a power.
The air compressor is driven by an electric motor or the like to charge air into the compressor chamber. The combustion gas, which is sucked from an air intake port is combusted in a combustion chamber. The combustion gas is then supplied to a turbine, and drives the turbine rotor to rotate at high speed. The rotating blade is rotatably mounted to a peripheral wall of the turbine chamber and is driven by this high speed rotation. The turbine is composed of a turbine wheel which is coaxial with the turbine rotor and is driven by the rotor to rotate at high speed and a blade which is attached to the turbine wheel and is rotated by this high speed rotation of the turbine wheel. The turbine wheel is provided with a plurality of blades, a turbine stator or the like.
A control valve is disposed between the combustion chamber and the turbine chamber for controlling the supply of the combustion gas to the turbine chamber,



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