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The EU is allowing the import of that wind turbine technology that will use the wind-generated energy to produce electricity. A previously authorized sale of that technology was suspended by the US because they (obviously) found it to be too dangerous for human consumption. This new technology has only been studied for 2 years and no one seems to know how it operates. We do however have extensive data on the effects of ingesting this amount of aluminum every day and the long-term toxicity of aluminum. Long Term Effects of Aluminum

New Zealand is going to be the first and only export market for that, and it appears to be a one-time only transfer. This explains the surge of Aluminium in the Market and is no coincidence. I have included the video of the NZ Prime Minister announcing this deal, probably the biggest Aluminium export deal in human history.

One of the Central issues with the deal is how the aluminum is going to get from Chile to NZ. It is going to be shipped via the Panama Canal because of its absence of capacity. Panama has not opened the Canal to any substantial number of commercial ships in several years. If it ever becomes available again it would be a monumental feat for Panama to build a new canal (see the damage caused by the opening of the canal the first time) and at the same time rebuild the locks. This is the biggest dam in the history of the region.

So the only option is to ship by river via the Amazon. In 2009 that Amazon was disturbed by the Rio Madeira settlement and Amazonians are fighting the settlement. One of their weapons is forest fires so they will fight the development using forest fire and the resulting ash to cover their move against the project. And guess where the ash from the fires is transported by river into the Pacific ocean.

Could it get much worse?

Add to that that it is a 5-year project and they will only be able to produce 1% of the capacity of the dam, and you have an extremely expensive 2-year project that will have no measurable result. That is a classic case of a project that doesn’t make sense to do due to severe reduction in cost when it

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