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Family Beach Pageant Part 2 Enature

Noam Chomsky. The Overthrow of the Chile seiches: An essay on the politics of the 1970s, p1, p33. Retrieved 14 July 2006.
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Emma Watson getting ready for final ‘Harry Potter’ picture.

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Emma Watson getting ready for final ‘Harry Potter’ picture. By Garth

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Easy way to fix it, if you don’t want to fix it, clean up the code and you will loose some data, but it will be easy to recover.
Write this into an other php file:

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[^1]: It may be possible to consider this BS as a special PU. But in this paper, we consider to treat it as an ordinary BS.

[^2]: The phase shift $\hat{\beta}_l$ between the $l^{th}$ subcarrier and the ideal pilot signals of each user is fixed to achieve the ideal calibration accuracy. It is assumed that $\beta_l=\hat{\beta}_l$ in the simulation.