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How would I run a command then immediately close the terminal?

How would I run a command in Terminal then immediately close the Terminal window?
I usually do:
screen -R /path/to/my/program/my/command


screen -ls
Display list of open screens.
screen -r
Attach to the given screen, if it is running. This is the same as
the -R option. The -X option detaches.

So you could do:
screen -R /path/to/my/program/my/command

which works with both the interactive and detached (tmux) modes.


Try using screen and tmux together.
With tmux you can run something like this:
tmux run-program ssh server-id “open -a /Applications/Google\”

to launch Google Chrome and see the results.


tmate is a much simpler to use “Terminal Multiplexer”.
set/unset terminal features;
prompt $*

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