Software Modem Telkomsel Flash 4g ##HOT##

Software Modem Telkomsel Flash 4g ##HOT##


Software Modem Telkomsel Flash 4g

Ok so uh MOU wont work on any of my phone bcs i dont have any windows. Tried transferring the sd card to my phone but its not working. I have an Oppo f1s. Any suggestions? D:


I have had the same problem and i was frustrated by now so i did the easiest thing. I used a phone with windows that has a. MOU will only work on phones that have windows os so you have to use on a windows phone.

Actually i have t-mobile usb 4g modem that is actually a 4g lte phone. There is no software included with this modem but you just need to enable 4g network option and you can download and run it from usb without installing any drivers but the phone is not unlocked and unlocked variant is also available for it.

This is a very easy process to install and use. Having read this post (and found the answer) i would’ve downloaded the software straight from the provider. (But as the post says, the software usually has issues)

Its currently available on the following devices

LG evo 4g

Samsung tab s7 edge

Samsung galaxy s6 edge

Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus

I can confirm that these 3 phones work. (It took 4-5 tries before it worked on my samsung galaxy s6 edge, because i tried all the ways once)

How do i get the software on my Windows laptop? Do i have to use the windows phone?

Can it be used on other phones? If not, is there a way to unlock it?

Windows phone is the only option now. You just need to download the software manually from the link provided above. Its free to use and once you download and run it, just follow the instructions inside the software.

The software must be installed on the windows phone that you will transfer the content. This can be achieved by using any windows phone. You can check if the phone is compatible by going through this link.

However if you would like to use the phone you can download a windows phone emulator and use it to transfer the content instead. The windows phone emulator should be available here.

Feb 16, 2018. The following steps apply to using a Huawei mobile phone with a Telkomsel 3G USB modem.. If you have a CD or Flash Drive, then go to and double-click the file named “”.
Here is a 4G wireless router overview for the Huawei E220 with 2.4Ghz band. How to flash a firmware? Huawei – D-Link/Gigaset – are the only companies which have a true software approach to configuring the modem.
Some time ago i upgraded my Telkomsel to simbrunet. 2.1 (sim card reader, etc). That modem that Telkomsel came with the gateway, i don’t know what is its model, but is a USB modem. Open the flash memory card on your computer in a third-party.Hepatopulmonary syndrome (PHS) is a serious clinical problem.
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