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Kurt Eichenwald : The Cuckoos Egg ( also known as Fliegen über Deutschland) is a film drama film based on the murder of Gyula Kiss by Stephen Glass. It was the second feature film directed by Matthias Auer and distributed by The Weinstein Company after The Lost Summer.

The film is set in and around the more than 1300 active duty military facilities in the US and features numerous real-world locations including the following bases in Kankakee, Illinois.

Indiana and Illinois Air Force bases..  

Indiana Army base with the 27th Flying Training Wing..  


Indiana Army base with the 526th Engineer Battalion.  

Indianna base with the 366th Airlift Wing..  


Chicago Military Area..  

Chicago Army base with the Army Aviation Center..  




The film also features real-world events and cites Glass as a source. In August, 2007, glass was struck by a train and charged with filing a false insurance claim for over $300,000, and was also charged with attempting to make the same false claim against the United States Army in October, 2007.

Contrary to widespread belief, the story was fabricated by Glass and colleagues. The screenplay was based on a fake email list disseminated by the experimental website School of Genius and the character of Steven Fishman was based on Glass. .

The Cuckoos Egg is produced by The Weinstein Company and the Mark Edward Johnson Company and distributed by The Weinstein Company.

Unusually, the film was written in German instead of English, a choice made for its director.

The film received a limited release on September 18, 2008 in North America, before being released on December 2, 2008 in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and January 29, 2009 in Australia.

Its box office receipts were generally poor, earning just $1.7 million from 616 theaters in its first 2½ weeks of release in North America. It went on to gross $35 million worldwide.

After achieving profitability, the film grossed $56.9 million, though this was still less than the reported budget of $65 million. (US box office: $32,547,653; UK box office


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