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PostgreSQL: Count of values in unique_col in table

CREATE TABLE temp_table(
id bigint NOT NULL,
unique_col text,
value text,

I want to count values for unique_col but I’m not sure which way is the most efficient.
First way
SELECT unique_col, count(*)
FROM temp_table
GROUP BY unique_col

Second way
FROM temp_table

Is there any difference between above two approaches?
Thank you.


There is no difference between these two. One merely defines the counting of the distinct values for each column. The latter is generally considered more readable.
But, depending on the circumstance, there may be an impact on performance. If I make a table like yours but with a million rows (with the same unique_col field), the one without the distinct will have a query time of around 1 second. That one with the distinct will be around 5-10 seconds. In general, I’d say you’ll see that they have the same performance.
For a million rows, I’d say that about 5 seconds for just the distinct query is unacceptable, and that performance difference is worth it.

Preliminary report on the medical aspect of gay pride in Stockholm.
In order to provide a medical service for those who would like to have an HIV-test at the gay pride, a free-of-charge clinic was offered at the Stockholm Gay Pride on August 22nd, 1991. The attendees at the Stockholm Pride, 1994, received information on the services available for people living with HIV. Of the 1,500 attendees at the


About us

kozybo.info is a platform for digital marketing, web design, and web development. We offer a complete range of services, from strategy and implementation to ongoing maintenance and support. Learn more about us or contact us today!I come from a family of academics, and my sister is a historian. Since we grew up with a couple of dozen books around us, it seemed rather natural that I followed my sisters footsteps into history. However, history did not initially play well with me as I became increasingly frustrated with the amount of time I had to put in if I wanted to work at a decent pace. In fact, something clicked in me about high school history classes where I first encountered the use of “fuzzy” terms, “plausible” explanations, and stories that could be “fact” or “just not true”. I knew it wasn’t history, but I just couldn’t recognize it as such.

Today, if one asks me what the difference is between history and academic history, I would likely answer it as history versus other forms of history. History is a discipline where we look at why certain events happened and how they had their impact on human society. Academic history, on the other hand, often tends to focus more on the details and even on individuals as much as it does on concepts and structures. Academic history is, at the same time, also about social cohesion. Its about community’s needs, aspirations, and expectations from the past and at the same time, about the students’ faith in the future.

Learning History

When someone tells me I should learn history, I often receive “history classes” as a vague term. Other times, I am asked to learn history. For me, it is essential to understand the idea of learning history because it is a methodology that can be applied to any course that studies the past. Simply put, learning history is about finding out more about something from the past, and connecting the recent events to the past.

For example, in our course, what would I expect to learn about the First World War, if I didn’t know that it was the bloodiest in history? Would I still try to answer why were there so many casualties? Would I try to provide a reason why the war lasted so long? Would I talk about how the limitations of the technology of the time created a new type of warfare?



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