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The earth is on the brink of extinction and all hope has finally been lost. Staggering between the need to revive the dying humans and the demands of destroying the monsters that continue to stalk the land, the last remaining members of humanity must make the ultimate decision…humanity must choose between life and death.
Designed from the ground up with single player and co-op gameplay available, Undead Horde features many new and never seen before features, including multiple difficulty levels, advanced weapon and vehicle customization, survival mode, refined leaderboards, new difficulty settings and much more! Check out the screenshots below to see what players can expect from this month’s best arcade shooter!
Key Features:
* Action-packed single player and co-op gameplay
* Brand new weapons and vehicles
* Upgraded graphics and effects
* New features
* Scenario and gameplay modes
* New difficult settings
* Leaderboards and Achievements
* Supports both Mouse and Keyboard
Recommended Specifications:
* Windows® 7 operating system
* PC-CD/DVD-ROM-based game disc
* 2 GB of free hard disk space
* DirectX 10 compatible DirectX®9 graphics card (with recommended graphics card)
* Recommended recommended specifications for those with a high resolution monitor
Also available:
* Undead Horde – The Official Complete Edition ($9.99)
* Undead Horde – Exclusive: Ultimate Edition ($14.99)
* Undead Horde – Collector’s Edition ($19.99)
P.S. A new Undead Horde awaits in the store soon!
P.P.S. If you’ve been waiting to see more of Undead Horde, watch this new trailer below!Q:

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Undead Horde Features Key:

  • You will found the Zombie horde in the best looking zombies game, TORNADO.
  • You own a mean car to chase them up.
  • You own lots of cool weapons, grenades and looted ammo.
  • You can load multiple characters so you can play as many as you want.
  • You will have the most realistic zombie game skins, exclusively for you to see!
  • You will have more episodes than any other zombie game!
  • Enjoy single game solo play or play with friends, Co-Op and Split Screen.
  • You will have zombies in a variety of settings ranging from forest, town, desert, mountain and swamp.
  • You will have zombies behaving as any other horde games – close battle encounters, escape, run and fight.
  • You will have a full set of cool weapons, armor and food.
  • You will have lots of cool loadout for experimenting.
  • There will be lots of weapons to use and unlocked.
  • You will have a full 5 star rating system to show your friends you can play the best games for free.
  • You will have special rewards based on your performance in the game.
  • You will have challenges to play through and explore
  • You will have trade items other than weapons and ammo.
  • You will be playing in deadly and realistic unexpected settings.
  • You will have AI zombies.


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Strap on your spandex, zombies, and watch out! It’s time to put on your zombie slaying boots and start taking on some of the most gorgeous and deadliest creatures in a variety of new ways.
Introducing Zombie Helmet mode. Choose from three different zombie styles including a crossbow, a mace, and the full-metal shotgun. Are you ready to wear the headgear of your nightmares? Start out with simple Shotgun mode, jump to the full-blast of M2HB headgear, and end with the precision and accuracy of crossbows. Each style has its own benefits including the chance to pick up bonus points.
While Hunting, you’ll be able to acquire cool items with the money you earn when you defeat the zombies. There’s an array of helmets, weapons, and armors to improve your hunting skills. More money can be gained by beating the bosses. Your upgraded version will be featured in the New Gear Store.

About FIFO Follies:
Hurry up and be the hero! Fire up your tank, pistol and machine guns and take on hordes of the dead in a fight for survival! While using your weapons or items you’ll have to take care of your life, because as you near death, you lose a bar. So it’s a matter of grabbing your last bar and make it to a safety area. This is the only way to stay alive. Every time you die you lose half of your current life bar.
But don’t forget to grab the bonus items. There are a bunch of items to find, including extra lives, skins, items, and gas masks. Once your life bar is depleted you’ll end up in your saftey area. As your last breath it take, you will have to rush to survive. But you have to be fast. If you are slow you’ll die and lose the items.

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Undead Horde Full Version [2022]

Its not fair to compare it to DarkZero, as that game is made solely for Facebook, whereas Undead Horde is made for the more casual market. Regardless, I think its fair to say that Undead Horde is a fair version of DarkZero, minus the rather long connect to Facebook period of the latter.

Gameplay Undead Horde:

First, the story is told via the in-game narrator (Dakotaz). In story form, the game takes place in the future, where theres been a huge disaster that has caused the human race to become extinct. Survival is the main concern, where theres only two factions of human beings, the Zombies and Undead. Undead Horde is a group of Undead who desperately want to know why their race died out and what happened after the apocalyptic event.

Gameplay is fairly simple, where there are three types of game play, survival, car racing, and free running. Survival is the main game mode, where theres just one type of zombie. There are a total of 10 zombies in the game, and theyre all different as well. Zombie movement is fairly simple, but movement is quick and when you hit the zombie its really easy to kill it, and thats where theres a quick auto killing option, as well as the usual attack button. Zombies can be found in different places, and theyre pretty easy to pick off, but it seems like theyre rather easy to get hit by. In car racing, zombies can be easily controlled, and they go really quick. In free running, youre pretty much a lone wolf, as you go around the entire map trying to escape the zombie horde. Free running mode can be quite fun when youre playing solo, and there are some zombie traps to jump over, as well as obstacles, which you can race around, but there are some fun points in the game, such as somersaults, a 360 degree flip through a mine cart, and a double jump. Theres also time trials, where you race against the clock to get the best time possible.

There are also in-game achievements, but as I understand it, these arent an achievement system in the traditional sense, but are more just special power ups. Theyre a bit difficult to do, and its possible to have to repeatedly do the same thing to get the special power up. There are, however, a total of 10 power ups in the game. First, theres an uppercase A in the middle of the screen,


What’s new in Undead Horde:

: The Collector’s Edition

This game came out before the Spore and created waves in the gaming market, capturing the imagination of web developers and casual gamers alike. Now available on GOG, you can play this popular game without DRM!


CD-Key Includes:

A copy of the game in CD format

Premium Box

Toal with letter and 4 CDs with Virgin’s message

[CD-KEY]: Price: €14,99, Value: €55,00

*Offer excludes shipping fees.

Developed By: Team Chimaeron, J&D Games in cooperation with Virgin Games

Tocreationus November 11, 2011

[CD-KEY]: Price: €14,99, Value: €55,00-±

Update 03:13 GMT +4:27, GOG have contacted us to inform us of an error we have made. You should have been offered the CD-KEY that was listed when the above links were first posted. This is a listing error from the website and the link below should take you to the CD-Key in the correct price. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Update:We have had an update to Undead Horde by Team Chimaeron just a few minutes ago. Here’s the link on GOG.

GOG have just has announced that they’re going to add some new games to their DRM-free catalog and Undead Horde is among them. It will be released on January 17th 2011, for a price of €14,99. In this time of concern over games being taken off of GOGs GOG have decided that they’d like to help out the developers of the games they offer by giving them the chance to earn some money.

Not only will this give them the support they need for the development of their game, but it will also give you another option for buying the game and not using DRM.

“GOG has decided to offer a solution to those who want to get the FULL version of all games without any DRM restrictions. Now you won’t have to make any decisions or wait for the game to be released in a different place in order to play it. We are going to add to our CD-KEY section games that will come in both CD-KEY and physical media versions to offer them to our customers. Now, it’s up to you if you want to get it in CD-KEY or it’s boxed


Download Undead Horde With License Key For PC [March-2022]


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System Requirements For Undead Horde:

DirectX 11:
Microsoft Windows 7
Intel Core i5 3.10GHz / AMD Phenom II X2 6300 (2.60GHz for additional CPU cores)
4 GB RAM (7 GB recommended)
1024 x 768 resolution display
STEAM (64-bit)
64-bit Windows
Intel Core i5 (3.20GHz or higher), or
AMD Phenom II (3.40GHz or higher), or
GTX1050 (Shader Model 5.0 or


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