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Give your team in no time 2-7 hours to complete 6 stages of increasing difficulty. The game includes a level editor, where you can make your own stages.
How to play:
The game consists of 6 stages:
• Stage 1 – a sandstorm.
• Stage 2 – The desert sand.
• Stage 3 – The northern territories.
• Stage 4 – Hoshino Gorge.
• Stage 5 – The northern jungles.
• Stage 6 – The desert again.
How to win:
Grab points and bonuses that can be collected.
Only by collecting bonuses, you can win in stage, and as you progress, the game becomes more difficult.
Increasing difficulty
• Sandstorm – to pass a sandstorm of increasing difficulty levels, collect objects in the clouds that give you points.
• Desert – to reach the desert, you must overcome the sharp rocks that act as obstacles to avoid the life of the area and collide with them, taking damage, you can skip them to go faster.
• Northern Territories – To pass the strange forest, you must climb and jump a rope, you have to avoid the many crocodiles that live there.
• Hoshino Gorge – In order to pass the gorge, you have to overcome the crevices and caves that open up on the left and right sides of the road, you must overcome any obstacles that block your way.
• Northern Jungle – to overcome the north, you must climb through the trees that avoid the many monkeys, you have to avoid the many crocodiles that live there.
• Desert again – The final part of the game is a return to the desert, where you have to climb through the same things as the jungle.
How many lives do you have?
The game ends when the player fails to overcome all the stages of increased difficulty, after that, you have 5 lives and you have to start from the beginning of the game.
Good luck!
Download Descent: Free space for Windows

Download Descent: Free Space for Android

Download Descent: A Space Shooter for Android


Star Advent Features Key:

  • Original Gameplay: Every mission will be a mission to conquer, made by starfath of the original mission archiver game.
  • Extensive Gameplay: Compete in the game on hundreds of maps with various modes, from solo to TDM and Coop,
  • Multiple Game Modes: Only a few games have been designed to test your skills, whether you play on a deathmatch map or a domination mode, with various maps.
  • Customizable Gameplay: Every time you start a game, and choose a team, you can change the health bar levels of the teams, visualize a few strategies, and direct the objectives and the map layout to suit your tastes.
  • Special Features: There are quite a few fancy features and strategies such as a balancing system, automated attacking or defending process, naval sector, a powerful annihilation system, and many others.
  • Easy to Play: Star Advent is an arcade game for adult players that has simple control configuration and familiar game logic.
  • Customizable Taunts and Emotes: You can choose several game rules for Star Advent, taunts and emotes, including not all of them. If you would like to create a unique experience,
    you can get the game tools and the list of emote effects without any limitations!
  • Star Advent Instructions

    • First start Star Advent and configure the game rules in the game setup. Use the configure game mode button to choose a game.
    • Then choose a ready to play map, enter the fog, and enjoy the game!

    Star Advent Game Mode List

    • PVE Campaign mode: Taking place in the starry space far away from the earth, this is a solo campaign mode where you have to complete objectives on a map, you can play on any map and rules that you want. In which mode, one player plays as the Legion of Cloud, and against this Cloud Legion you have to play as the Thunder Legion. Campaign maps will


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      The game graphics are quite nice, this makes it easy to control the game.
      There are many options for the game.
      Overall, the graphics very high quality.
      I like the sound of the game, and that of the soundtrack,
      With various intensities of music.
      Game mechanics:
      I like that the mechanics of the game, because the same moves happen at once, as well as pushing them, for example in the mouse pointer moves fast and slow.
      I also like that the mechanics of the game are very easy to use and understand!
      I can tell you that there were no hard to understand things, because the game is very easy to start playing.
      From the above, the game is perfect for your mobile device, because of the graphics, music and sound effects are very nice.
      The gameplay is even better, because the controls are very nice to use with a mouse or touchscreen.
      Overall, I recommend this game, because it is easy to learn, with all kinds of graphics and sound, with many options and a good gameplay.
      There are many types of game, but often, the more features and options have better games.
      Now we know that Star Advent Crack Keygen is very good, I give it 4.5/5 stars.


      A short answer: “not bad at all”
      A long answer:


      You can play single player, versus and co-op
      You can customize your game experience, there is full tutorial in the first “Instances” and if you are not new, I recommend to check it out
      You can fully customize your ship, paint it, add weapons, there are a lot of fun things you can do with it
      You get a free map every 2 weeks and you can upgrade/order free maps or even pay
      You can customize your ship and your place in the galaxy, there is a lot of fun things to play around with
      Great story, the game is not a pure “shoot em up”, it has some depth
      There is also many features for multiplayer

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      What’s new:


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      Free Star Advent Activation (Updated 2022)


      How To Crack:

    • Choose the option Install
    • After completing installation choose Help>Paranggal, See details
    • Then click next to start the Cracking of the game

    How To Play Star Advent:

    • Choose the file on the left window
    • Choose the directoy the setup file is in
    • Click Start
    • Now its all set! Enjoy the game


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    System Requirements For Star Advent:

    Supported: Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit)
    OS X 10.8 (32bit or 64bit)
    Android 4.2 or higher (32bit or 64bit)
    iPhone 3GS or higher (iOS 6.0 or higher)
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