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The setting is a fantasy world named “Yami-no-kuni”. It is more of a medieval kingdom, with a city state, and many different factions in the land.
The main protagonist, Sarah, is a human commoner who wants to live a peaceful and happy life. Though when she’s kidnapped by a demon in the astral plain she is thrust into a world of royalty, culture, intrigue and unbelievable beauty.
The main characters are the seven houses of the Northern Lord.
The story is about this young girl, Sarah, and the rivalries of the seven houses.
The things I could find on the internet about this game:
– Yami-no-kuni ( )
– Kuromukuro ( )
– The Seven Stars ( )
The game has received good reviews from fans, but it is very much the kind of game that is just enjoying what it is about. It’s not as deep, and a little easy to follow, and while good enough it does not have that wow feeling it could have.
If you are new to the entire otome genre, or to the virtual reality niche, I would say it is not very difficult. It is not over the top, and the voice acting is not horrible.
If you have played the other “Yami-no-kuni” games by Petite-Studio, and are familiar with their style of writing then you will have no problems at all.
What I like about this game:
+ It is set in a world where “alternate history” has taken place, and it’s pretty unique.
+ There is a lot of different locations (even of house cities, such as house #5, where the character is from).
+ The characters are good in my opinion. You cannot only like the main character, Sarah. Some of the other characters will appeal to you.
+ You can follow the plot pretty well.
What I dislike about this game:
– You can skip almost everywhere. If you take a little longer you can collect a little memento or something.
– People can die of “


Features Key:

  • Fight with more than 10 bosses and monsters in 10 different maps with a wide variety of weapons!
  • Fight alongside 40 NPC fighters
  • Cute female fighters that pose you need to fight them (top or bottom)
  • Fight up to the same player and AOE heroes, he’ll fight as well
  • Huge maps with gorgeous renders
  • Introduction to the game in a short cutscene before the fight starts

NPCs that change when the level progresses (including bosses), take an extended set of actions based on the player’s behavior, making them each unique:

  • He’s a tamer, make him want to pet you or bite your hand to activate his next set of actions
  • He’s furious, hold him close and put some pressure to trigger his actions on the next turn.
  • She’ll join you, try to attack the enemy, or try to protect you.
  • He’s wounded, be gentle and he’ll be happy for you to heal him
  • He’s happy, let’s have a romp!

Sounds of Verity Game Key features:

  • Fight with more than 10 bosses and monsters in 10 different maps with a wide variety of weapons!
  • Fight alongside 40 NPC fighters
  • Cute female fighters that pose you need to fight them (top or bottom)
  • Fight up to the same player and AOE heroes, he’ll fight as well
  • Huge maps with gorgeous renders
  • Introduction to the game in a short cutscene before the fight starts


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[casual sound effects]
[sound effects]


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Sounds Of Verity Crack + [Latest]

Voice acting:
So, who do you guys think I played?
And of course, if you got more comments – I’ll make a list of them. ^^;

I’m a bit peeved that there’s no link to the Verity for PS3 (and not an easy thing to find) – so here’s the link:

This is a full blueinkd/DeineKräfte version of the game “Sounds of Verity”, a short nonlinear visual novel with both cuddly rom-vore and platonic two-timing side routes, voice acting, and spectacular animation.
– Quest
– Whispers (The Prince’s Theme)
– Dreaming Sun
– Lullaby
– Twilight
– Dreaming Star
– The Prince’s Song
– The Prophecy
– Sadness
– Silence
By the way, the game’s original title is “Sounds of Deception” — the “Verity” is just the name of the second disc.
Who do I think I played in the game? Here’s the answers…
PS3: You might say Yuu.
Xbox 360: You might say Beth.
PC: You might say Joan.
Needless to say, it’s slightly difficult to follow a voice acting team that includes both Beth and Joan. ;w; *g*
If you’re interested in the textless verison of the game, the video here gives you a good idea of it:
(Both the videos are from the Korean anime streaming website, DramaTube.)

Hello everybody! It’s been a very long time since my last update. I’m going to try to give you all a more frequently update, but I must admit that things don’t go very often in my life. *ahem* Anyway.
I will be focusing first on the upcoming release of my new work. A job for which I have already received some very interesting offers. But I’m not interested in being a direct translator… That would mean only one language for this job, and I love to


What’s new in Sounds Of Verity:

*** (VIS) and two middle-range theories of truth — ***In All Matters!***(MAT) and ***Metaphysical Potentialism*** (MP). These theories are defined and examined in Chapter 1. Chapter 2 focuses on epistemic conditions of knowledge, and considers several ways in which K, the right kind of truth, might obtain. I argue that what I call the “instrumental relational view” of truth and knowledge is compatible with robust error theory. On this view, parts of what we can know are made up of what we know, and thus these parts cannot be both in principle knowable and in principle wrong. The rejection of such a view makes truth a relational item. It can take a truth-bearer to have a particular representational content, and it can take that truth-bearer to have a specific kind of relation to that content. I provide new evidence from the history of classical verificationism that global empirical presuppositions (GES) — the kinds of externalists like Block and Gendler have argued are required for explaining the coherence of true belief — are not indeed required by the truth or knowledge of a large class of propositions. This fact helps to explain why the theory of truth is a “local” and not “global” theory. In Chapter 3, I examine more fully the nature of truth as a relation, and I argue that truth can have varying degrees of relation. I argue that a sort of naturalism is true, and a sort of platonism is false. I discuss the philosophical difficulties with naturalizing truth, and I argue that most metaphysical packages that have been used to naturalize truth give no account of how the truth-bearer can have that relation to its content, and I argue that the ontological version of platonism is untenable. I call this a naturalistic yet non-naturalistic sort of naturalism. In Chapter 4, I consider the semantics of belief to see how truth conditions operate and how we might analyze identity properties in the belief domain. I show that the truth conditions of belief are extensional, in line with orthodox intensional semantics. I discuss a version of the personal-level externalist theory of belief, and I present strong and plausible arguments for both PT and ZS. I show that we can naturally combine PT and ZS. I argue that PT does not take truth conditions to be intentional, and that we have good reasons to believe that ZS violates PT. I conclude by arguing that the truth conditions of belief are best


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System Requirements:

  • Windows XP,Windows 7, Windows 8
  • 6.1 GB free Ram

System Requirements For Sounds Of Verity:

Due to the unusual nature of the game, please read these guidelines very carefully. If you are not sure of any of them, you should ask the support team before registering.
1. Internet and Time
Game servers run from 00:00:00 UTC (GMT) to 23:59:59 UTC (GMT) for 24 hours, Monday through Friday. After that, the servers close for the weekend.
2. Operating System
You must use a Mac operating system (Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher, 10.


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