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Pixel Piracy is a faithful recreation of a traditional rogue-like gaming experience, with a whole new visual and gameplay perspective.
EXPLORE:Explore the countless islands of the high seas in your quest to find the perfect pirate crew for your very own ship! The whole universe of you choosing to become a swashbuckler is up to you. Do you want to find the treasure left by others? Or, plunder the ships of others and upgrade your own? Do you have the stomach for the bloodiest of sea battles? Fly the pirate ranks up in a war of wits and strength to find out!
BUILD:Need a bigger ship? Or would you prefer a smaller vessel? And what about a different kind of ship? Pixel Piracy allows you to build your own ships from scratch. You can choose your design, components, engines, exterior and interior decoration. Color your ship with new equipment – weapons, sails, and colours – and make it into a mighty vessel in the history of nautical seafaring.
CRAFT:Collect pirates, crewmen, equipment and even special structures to craft your pirate ship. For example, you can craft engines to give your ship an extra kick, cannons for added firepower, sails to increase speed and interior decorations for special abilities.
COLLECT:Pirates are not just a bunch of A-holes from the heart of hell bent on mutual slaughter and pillage! Each of them has a story and personality that you get to know. This treasure trove of possibilities is broken up into four different collections: captains, pirates, weapons and special equipment. You’ll need to find the right items to support your quest and prepare your ship for the next encounter.

Version 0.6.0

The winter is upon us. Luckily, an icy door has been left open to you. Free the captured captain and get him back to the prison island to save him from being sent to the next world. Your ship might get damaged in the process, but luckily, you are a captain on a quest of money, glory, love, honour and justice. Purchase new weapons, equipment, upgrades, decorations and the best crew you can afford to start your quest!

You can build and customize your pirate ship. You can choose the chassis, the engine, the equipment, the decoration and the flags.
Your ship is now complete – you can equip it with the equipment available and change the decoration. Activate your ship’s abilities by using the goal buttons


Features Key:

  • Control a pirate fleet and your mining ship to mine for cash and bonus points, the better your fleet, and your ship, the more cash and bonus points you earn.
  • Pirate up your ship, make sure it is fully powered for battle.
  • Take control of stations and fend off other players.
  • Random ship elastics and hazards along the way will slow you down. Fight for survival!
  • Shields and Guns to defend yourself.
  • Hire new pirates to join your ship.
  • Find the pirate eggs first!
  • You are the part that sets the pirate ship in motion. Keep control, the faster you are moving, the more money you make.
  • Defense is guaranteed, be sure to pick up the Bounty.
  • Upgrade your ship when you collect enough cash and stay afloat long enough.
  • Buy a mega powerup for the ship or get a bonus bag of cash and speed-up for the journey.
  • Defeat other players to collect more bounty.
  • Fight for the Pirate Eggs first…
  • …Your friends and pirates can destroy the other players.
  • Discover which game modes will be available in the upcoming season.
  • The game offers modes, which can be viewed through the options on the main screen.

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    Build your ship, assemble your crew, discover new destinations and special locations, and explore the vast oceans beyond in this incredibly realistic pixelated pirate ship game!
    Find treasures, survive storms, board enemy ships, and destroy them for enormous rewards!
    Choose a captain, construct a ship from scratch, and even customize the ship’s design and features.
    Collect your crew from a roster of 11 unique characters.
    Build your reputation and resources by trading and selling resources, but be sure to avoid the control of the British Navy!
    Earn fame and fortune while sailing the seven seas, uncover the mystical secrets of the seas, and explore all the exotic lands!
    Earn more freedom and rewards by reaching level 5.
    Cracked Pixel Piracy With Keygen is now available on Steam, Google Play, and the Apple App Store!
    – Awesome pixel art visuals (no fillers, no overlays, no sharp edges – just pixel art)
    – Customize every part of the ship in an intuitive list menu
    – Great amount of gameplay content (more in the future)
    – Great variety of locations to explore with rich graphics and animations
    – Dozens of dynamically generated events, and a full undo system
    – An easy to use and get into game engine
    – Pirate weaponry to unlock, and over 70 unique missions
    – Great variety of hidden items to find, such as secret treasures, and characters!
    – A deep exploration and sandbox feel with lovely exotic islands
    – Beautiful music and effects
    – A story campaign that you can choose to play or not
    – Immerse yourself in the pixel art world while playing
    – Lively, persistent online multiplayer in local and online against other players
    – A completely free to play game
    – It’s all about customization, approach, and fun

    The early days of piracy are undoubtedly the most romantic of all, leading to a heritage of seafaring legends. There was the Pirate King, the Black Knight, Cutlass Liz and her fabulous Treasure Hoard. Then there were the notorious Black dogs of the Spanish Armada, or the High Seas Haijing.
    From My (De)Shack!, a new breath of pirateitude, find out about these intrepid vessels as you travel throughout the seven seas in pursuit of treasure and glory!
    As well as a worthy ship (boats can be purchased on demand from the workshop), you’ll need to dress the part! A pirate’s life for you!
    You can equip a variety of different clothes, including:
    – Pirate


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    Construct a ship as your captain.Improve it and build it up until you are ready to sail the open seas.

    Battle and plunder many ships.

    Find plunder, while avoiding the opposing ships of other pirates.

    Besiege a Castle to save your booty!

    Trade your treasure for upgrades to your ship.

    Use your golden eggs to buy weapons, crew members, and upgrades.

    Collect more treasures!

    Find riches in the form of gold coins, while avoiding rocks, reefs, and storms.

    There is also a leaderboard for the best pirates of all time!

    Do not worry, you will die. It is part of the fun!

    This game is open world, meaning that you can go any way you wish. Not everything is cleared though, the game will look and feel different depending on the islands you visit.Q:

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