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Name Our Beautiful Earth
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-Enter the world of the game and relax in every possible way
-28 different scenes full of various animals to help you relax
-Unravel 30 puzzles to collect every animal to fight the boss
-Brave, you can even enter the world of the dragon
-Find out the puzzles of the beautiful village on the hill
-Play this new scenery puzzle game at its best, enjoy!
NOTE:★★★Live the quality of life in the animals if you like this game, plssss help us to buy game, and get the updates of the game.★★★
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published:12 Dec 2017

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Features Key:

  • Solve logic puzzles to help restore natural habitats
  • Only the environment counts to win
  • Try to save endangered animals before it’s too late
  • Complete the three unique games
  • Your steps count towards our goal


Our Beautiful Earth Torrent (April-2022)

Welcome to a new puzzle game about the beautiful planet. It’s up to you to explore every aspect of it, from the deepest forest to the tiniest human’s house, from the small town to the polar ice. And you can play in either casual and relaxing mode, or challenge mode. According to your desire, you can find a puzzle method suitable for you. Help Animal to find his way and find the areas he need, a puzzle game that brings you a new and refreshing experience. (more)
Every puzzle game consists of a bunch of screens, some of them overlap. In every screen, there can be both linear and non-linear puzzles and some of them are marked with animals. Animals are around you all the time, they are the keys to the puzzle and they give you hints and clues. First of all, you need to help them find their way and then you need to find the areas they need.
Three Scenarios for You to Experience:
1. Country Life:
Welcome to a life of the animals in their natural environments. There are three scenarios including farming, country life and small town. Every scenario has 40 beautiful screens with the animals. You can play in casual and relaxing modes.
2. Desert Environment:
Welcome to the journey in the desert. It’s a totally different puzzle game with challenging puzzles that are harder than the previous scenario. There are around 30 beautiful screens in this scenario. You can play in casual or challenge mode, which is suitable for your preference.
3. Human settlement:
Welcome to the human settlements. In this scenario, animals can find their way to human habitations and you should help them find it. You can play it in three modes, each of them has 32 beautiful screens and it’s suitable for all of you.
How to Play the Game:
You can control your game using virtual buttons on your iPhone/iPod or iPad or on Android phone/tablet.
Don’t worry about dying, that can’t happen in this game. Just help animals find their way using puzzles and try to save them as soon as possible.
For every screen, there is a random helper on the screen and you will have to select one of them. Their levels depend on your actions in the game. The more you spend on the level, the easier it is.
Every helper has his own statistics and a badge. Help the Animal find his way safely.
You can play this game with your friends and challenge


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Beautiful Animals is a puzzle game. You need to place all of the non-flying animals in the right order. There are two main levels. Free version contains level 1, and you can play the full version of the game in level 2. To play level 1, just click and drag the animals into place or use the arrow keys to select them. Just aim for the goal on level 1.

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If you can’t travel to these places in person, then please enter our game and start a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Main features of the game:

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System Requirements For Our Beautiful Earth:

– A 64-bit operating system (tested on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10)
– An Intel Core i5-3330 processor or equivalent
– 2 GB of memory
– At least 8 GB of available space
– The latest version of the game (0.9.2, as of this writing)
Note: due to the significant performance increase when compared to 0.9.1, we recommend reinstalling the game if you’re currently playing 0.9.1.




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