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Meet an old mystic who knew many things about the world, but after many years of being forgotten he went mad!
Returning to his home he looked for the gates to the hidden world… But the castle was no more!
Somewhere in the old castle a dark lord was haunting the lands, cursed from the bones of his ancestor.
Soon the world will see a dark shadow on them and the “Ghost Sweeper” will try to save the world from this evil force!
Prepare yourself for the craziest adventure ever!
Choose one of the heroes of the journey and meet the world of the “Ghost Sweeper”! Help them fight the evil monsters to find the gates to the Hidden World!
The choice is yours!
How to Play :
Ghost Sweeper is an endless running game with many levels and secrets.
Use the swipe gestures to move around and avoid obstacles.
Choose a different character from the shop to play the game differently. Use your currency to unlock more fighters in the shop.
Fight the boss!
Global Leaderboard:
Not only will you be competing in the world, you will also be competing worldwide!
Use your ranking to find top ranks from around the world.
Because it is not enough to be good alone, let the competition make you better!
In-App purchases :
Choose how you want to play the game or unlock all the fighters!
Customer reviews :
Play this game now and look out for more information about the “Ghost Sweeper” series!
“Ghost Sweeper” is part of the “Ghost Sweepers” series!
“Ghost Sweeper” is a game created by Roger Demento,
a team led by me,
Roger Demento :)
Enjoy the game! :)
Copyright (c) 2019 The Team Of “Ghost Sweepers”!
Androlic Games Inc.

You can download Ghost Sweeper Game by HIDE BOY Apps for free. Ghost Sweeper Game is available on multiple platforms including Android and iOS.

Can we play game on android devices?

Sadly this app is not available on Android Devices. Although we’re working on it, we’re going to release more best games for android devices, stay tuned.

What is “itunes” store?

How to Install Ghost Sweeper Game on android.

STEP 1: If you do not have an active


Ghost Sweeper Features Key:

  • Scrollable page.
  • Easy to play.
  • Unique Number, Password, PasswordChar and BackgroundImage
  • Multi-player-function.
  • Auto playing.

  • This game is a cross platform game, in the background we will use HTML5 Canvas2D.

    Ghost Sweeper Github Page

    var curr = 2;
    var start = 2;
    var passTime = 1000;

    var background = document.getElementById(‘background’);
    var score = document.getElementById(‘score’);
    var imgBackground = document.getElementById(‘imgBackground’);

    function startBtnclick(){
    if(curr === 2){
    curr = 0;
    next = “maze”;
    } else {
    next = “horizontal”;
    curr = 2;

    function passTime(){
    startTime =;

    function stopPassage(){
    var interval =;
    passTime -= interval;
    var sec = Math.floor(passTime /1000);
    var min = Math.floor(sec/60);
    var hour = Math.floor(min /60);
    var day = Math.floor(hour /60);

    score.innerHTML = year+”-“+mon+”-“+day;

    function mazeMove(index){


    Ghost Sweeper Crack + Free Download [Latest]

    A funny game full of awesome spirits, monsters and puzzles. Explore two challenging worlds, solve their mysteries and defeat all the dangers on your way to victory!
    To begin the adventure, simply press START, choose an option, and begin to enjoy the game!
    To unlock all the secrets, you will need to overcome all the obstacles and solve the mysteries!
    – Each world has an explorable map, allowing you to solve all the mysteries and complete the level.
    – You can play with one of the 8 different characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
    – Each world has many scenes which can be solved by entering the “Solve” scene.
    – The controls allow you to use different strategies. Each character can jump, attack, block or defend, and even be the Thief!
    – By finding secrets and treasures you can unlock new attacks and combos.
    – Score yourself as much as you can! The highest Score will be recorded and shown at the end of the game.
    – Complete a level and have fun with the “Let’s Play” page!
    – Play the game and leave a rating for each character!
    – You are able to buy useful items in the in-game shop.
    – It is possible to unlock a special secret in-game, if you solve some of the Mysteries.
    – You can use items and purchase upgrades for the different characters.
    – You can improve your Gear on your profile to choose a Gear corresponding to your level.
    – You can import your custom characters!
    – You can sell items you no longer need to other players.
    – You can change your character portrait and customize your Graphics.
    – You can define the camera angles and make the game easier or harder.
    – You can set the sensitivity of all actions on the control panel.
    – You can change the theme colors of the game from the menu.
    – You can turn off the tutorial or the in-game help menu.
    – You can turn off auto screen updates.
    – You can hide the configuration pages, which is useful for when you travel abroad.
    Installing the game on your devices is fast and easy!
    *To change the theme colors, go to your settings.
    *Go to play on the “Menu” page and press “Open Gallery”. Select the theme of your choice.
    *If you want to play the game in your country, you will need to change the settings.
    *Go to “Menu” and press “Settings


    Ghost Sweeper Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code Free [March-2022]

    -Turn around and walk into your enemies
    -Look under his eye for some treasure
    -Knock the creature down to collect the treasure
    -Attack Enemies to knock them down
    -If you don’t see anything, jump for the treasure
    -If you see the treasure, grab the treasure and run away
    -Think how to avoid the monsters or if to run or fight
    -Defend yourself from the monsters or run for them
    -Hold TAB to jump
    -Hold SHIFT to crouch
    -Pound on the attack to attack
    -Each Object has different effect, pick up your characters accordingly

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    Free Ghost Sweeper Crack + Full Product Key [2022]


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    System Requirements For Ghost Sweeper:

    Supported operating system
    64-bit only (x64)
    Windows 7/8/8.1/10
    Internet connection required
    Minimum system requirements
    Minimum hardware
    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64
    RAM: 256 MB
    Hard drive: 2 GB
    DirectX: version 9.0c
    DirectX Shader Model: version 4.0c


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