Elite Soldier: 3D Shooter



The special assignments are triggered by the emergency network. Details of the request are immediately evaluated by the SWAT team. If the request is approved, the team is sent into the city where an escape route must be established on a limited time. Each member of the team must be aware of the tasks that he may have to face. Not all events have a fair outcome. If the situation has a negative development, your life is at risk.
Who will you become? Play and live the Special Assignments.

Last update – 9 Jun 2020

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How to add my event listener to svg within a svg element?

I want to add my onclick event to my svg within a nested svg element.
When I click on the red circle, I want the function to work but I’m currently getting:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘onclick’ of null

In the screenshot below I am trying to pass it to the parent svg.
const circle = document.getElementById(‘red-circe’);

// Add an onclick event listener
circle.onclick = () => {
console.log(‘Red circle’);

I expect the function to run when I click on the red circle.


onclick should be on element, not a property of element.

// Add an onclick event listener
circle.addEventListener(‘click’, () => {
console.log(‘Red circle’);

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Features Key:

  • Hot water in military school.
  • Ken Smith, the leader of combat soldiers, is disliked by his subordinates.
  • Leader will not tolerate any of his military rations to cheat.
  • Enemy began to attack Ben Smith with a view of knocking out leaders.
  • How to Play:

    1. Whoops, the wrong button was pressed.

    What is in this

    1. Big, heavy, random weapon hits.

    Where does this
    Come from?

    1. I alone have not made it, but a friend of my own, and a girl.


    1. Canned response.

    Feeling like the internet is keeping us isolated? Here’s a way to get back in touch with the world and yourself

    It was a word I’ve never used – survivor. In the US, where I was raised, there are approximately 45 people a day who are murdered. It’s a dangerous town. I learned when to turn on the news and when to open up my heart. I learned that the bodies of women are less likely to wind up on newspapers, and that it’s usually people of colour who are killed – most often, everyday people like you and me.

    It was also in the US that I began to “learn” more about surviving. I learned about emotional resilience, youth peer counselling programs and increased jail time for gun offences. I learned about domestic abuse, and I learned about hopelessness.

    Dear survivor, no one’s there to take you to America Read more

    I learned about how to create a life that was away from the physical violence and towards the mental and emotional. I learned that I could become a professional nurse to people with mental health issues who had survived physical and emotional trauma. How can we use that knowledge to help other people survive?

    When I moved to England, I


    Elite Soldier: 3D Shooter With Serial Key X64

    SWAT, a unit of the ATF, is after a drug gang who are close to finishing a shipment of cocaine to the united States.
    It’s a secret organization that specializes in complex tasks. SWAT has a special jacket that gives them special abilities to accomplish their mission.
    SWAT is based on the 3D shooter game and we have a lot of weapons such as rifles, hand guns, shotguns and even a grenade launcher. But beware of the “trigger finger” because one mistake can cost you a lot.
    Also work in the environment with all the difficulties you can imagine. Plus, with the storyline, you will have to solve missions for the truth.
    Discover the visual style and the game mechanics.
    All the weapons in Elite Soldier 3D:
    10mm pistol 12 Gauge Shotgun.45
    .357 Magnum assault rifle Shotgun
    .45 caliber sniper rifle
    9 millimeter hand gun
    Grenade Launcher
    Open hunter

    Features of Elite Soldier 3D:
    – Wide range of weapons for any taste;
    – Realistic 3D graphics;
    – Realistic 3D animations;
    – Three missions, three weapons, three environments;
    – Storyline in 3D.



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    Elite Soldier: 3D Shooter Activation Code For PC

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