Depth Hunter 2: Treasure Hunter Nulled With Product Key (Final 2022)

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Treasure Hunter 2: Treasure Hunter is a third-person action/adventure game in which the player needs to search for sunken treasures that will help them to uncover the truth about what has happened to their family. Many exciting locations await for you to find!
Do you dare challenge your luck with new equipment and new means to find the lost treasures?
What else will you find in the sea?
Recommended system requirements:
OS: Windows 7 or higher
CPU: Pentium Dual-Core or Athlon X2
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard disk: 1 GB free space
Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon HD 2400 with 256 MB
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Depth Hunter 2: Treasure Hunter Features Key:

  • Objectives and menu navigation
  • Up to twenty three sides (ocean modes)
  • Up to ten hidden treasures
  • Manage and track fish
  • Two re-playable bonus puzzles
  • Sea rescue and dive much deeper


Depth Hunter 2: Treasure Hunter Crack + [Latest] 2022

– Imagine a game that has already been released?
– A game that is filled with 5 different locations and a multitude of interesting events?
– A game that has a lot of content and never-ending physics?
– A game that’s always challenging, regardless of what you’ve already experienced?
Deep sea adventure await! Your new challenge is to guide the courageous Captain Valderoy to gather all five pieces of the lost treasure of the pilot Jons and Elsa. You’ve been hired by the legendary Sea Serpent to reach the shipwreck in search of their cash. As a captain, you are skilled in exploring and you possess uncanny abilities. Throw your harpoon and attract the monstrous beast, cast a rope to the bottom of the sea and dive with the help of the liftbags to the depths of the ocean to collect all the scattered pieces of the treasure.
Your mission: explore the vast undersea world, collect all the scattered parts of the treasure and return with the cash back to the ship. This is Depth Hunter 2: Treasure Hunter Cracked 2022 Latest Version! The game engine powers you through the aquatic world, and new features give you a new wealth of possibilities.
What’s New in the Game 2.0.1:
– It’s time for new treasures to be found!
– Jons’ and Elsa’s treasure is hidden in the old sunken ship.
– Get the new ultra rare sapphire for a stylish suit!
– You’ll be able to lift objects under water
– You’ll be able to surf the ocean waves
– You’ll be able to dive without scuba gear
– You’ll be able to make use of your liftbag
– You can use fish in your quest
– You can make new dioramas and decorations
– And much more…
– You will be able to buy and collect new rare-quality items.
The game tells you how many days are left until your submarine is going to run out of oxygen.
This location is the first one in the game that has a larger number of items to collect.
When you start the game you will see new wonderful backgrounds, as well as new items on your screen.
This location has a lot of neat features that can be used in your quest.
This location has unique concepts, so it can be a treat for your eyes and your mind.
The location is filled with many unique items and decorations.
This location has unique concepts, so it can be a treat for your eyes and your mind


Depth Hunter 2: Treasure Hunter Free Download

First of all, you will need to download and install the game “Depth Hunter 2: Treasure Hunter” from the Google Play Store.
The game can be played on tablet, mobile phone, Windows PC and Mac.
The game is a simulation game. After download, play “Depth Hunter 2: Treasure Hunter” by completing levels and tasks while swimming in an underwater world of no boundaries, no limits… Only you decide when and where to explore. Game modes:
There are 4 game modes in “Depth Hunter 2: Treasure Hunter”: Training, Sea Stories, Underwater Adventures and Daily Challenge.
Training – You can create a character by your own and train it through the game.
Sea Stories – You can see how these stories were chosen.
Underwater Adventures – Get ready to challenge yourself in new levels, new marine species and never seen before ocean environments.
Daily Challenge – There are various tasks to be done each day. The winner will be chosen.
Game Your favorite character:
You will play as a brand new character in “Depth Hunter 2: Treasure Hunter”, which will upgrade your skills at any time during the game.
Character skills are developed through the game. There are a lot of skills and attributes of the character, which can be improved through training. Skills are divided into 5 different categories. These are: Speed, Movement, Strength, Endurance and Perception.
Speed – The character will start with the basic strength needed to move, and all the other abilities will be unlocked as the character develops throughout the game.
Movement – The character will be able to swim, dive and surface to breath. But if the player is not careful enough while playing the game, the character may be injured and can die, forcing a re-load.
Strength – This is the core skill in the game and the base strength needed for the player to survive in underwater environment.
Endurance – The player will be able to carry heavy items and dive deeper and deeper into the deep blue ocean. It is not recommended to carry more than 20 kg.
Perception – This skill is about sensing other marine species and can improve the chances of finding new treasures in the game.
A brand new character has “basic strength” as the starting point. You can gradually develop your character over time by collecting coins. At the beginning, you will be able to get upgrades only from the sea monsters.
Other character skills and attributes:
Attributes are determined by playing through the game. They are not created, but as they


What’s new in Depth Hunter 2: Treasure Hunter: