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The album will be available digitally in a few weeks and will be available on CD on January 15, 2020.

On that day, George and Anthony swapped their different worlds and have come full circle

(This is the third time I review this album. The first time was in January 2017, and the second time was just a few days ago. This time, the setting is different – this time, I’m writing this article at my computer, instead of at a table on a stage of a club. It took me a few days to get into the right mindset, as I usually write articles in the evenings and then go to bed. But now I have at my fingertips information which I could not have had in January, 2017, and listening to the album with that knowledge did a lot to change my mindset, to give me a different perspective. There were different tracks on this album that I had heard and liked before (Shapeshifter, Cowboy Boots, Crying) but there were different songs on this album which I did not hear before (Like A Memory, Dear Dad, She Blew My Mind) – and some which I heard before but I hadn’t played them in a long time, such as the title track.

My Day In a Little Café was a new song for me.

Sometimes, I play music that I have heard before and I get right back into the groove, and at other times, I have to take a more laid-back approach, getting into the vibe before heading to the dance floor.

I was able to do just that with this album. For me, it was a good kind of day – a day for me to play music, to reflect on the past.

Of course, songs are much different to the real life events that the words describe. In real life, George and Anthony each had their different lives and paths which they pursued. George’s story is a great song called Angel, in which he reminisces about his life, but the songs on this album from Anthony’s perspective tell us about him much more than just one song, or even a series of songs.

In By The Way, he talks about the caring he has shown to his daughter, and the sadness that can linger on in spite of his best efforts to not let it.

There were songs on this album that I had heard before but I hadn’t played them in a long time,

From 7/16/01 to 11/27/16, Big Fish Audio’s Modern Country programming took you on a journey through stately ballads and big hits.
As a special treat, we’re throwing in a few treats for you to enjoy today, so this issue is retro-designed like modern country, with the title page, cover, back and inside pages being the same 1980s style that we adopted for our first Golden Oldies of the Decade edition in 2001, before we were even cofounded. 
Each track is accompanied by a page that reflects a common theme found in today’s country music, either today or in the past decade – with its music, theme or graphics. 
For your complete enjoyment, we always provide a “down time” that allows you to check out our past issues, view the history of the series and read the previous articles on Big Fish Audio (and we will continue to do this for future issues). 
Enjoy these articles and treat yourselves to a visit to our site at 

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